Custom Skins For Minecraft PS3 Edition (No Jailbreak)

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Caution :
Warning it will delete everything from your ps3 so backup stuff you dont want to lose to a USB drive.

Installation Tutorial :
1. Use 7zip or winrar to extract the zip files for the modded backup.
2. After you extracted the modded backup open your usb drive make a folder call it PS3 open PS3 folder make another folder name it EXPORT open that folder make another call it BACKUP place modded backup in there.
3. Plug your usb into the PS3 go to settings find system settings click on that look for backup utility open that click on restore and find the modded backup and restore it.
4. PS3 will turn turn off and come on again and start installing it once PS3 is back on you are finished.
5. If you have the store version download full game unlock and then open minecraft it will ask for a update just update minecraft and it should have the custom skins i showed in the video after minecraft is done updating.
6. If you have the disc version just open minecraft and update the game.



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