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The tier 9 Heavy with some of the best gun handling stats money can buy. The conqueror is a hell of a tank and has just about the widest butt in the game but how do you really make it sing?

Let’s find out.

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  1. I think i'm turning into u buska because I prefer a great gun over armor any day, and this tank the conq is a beast. I hit the hatch of a t30 on a incline 2 for 2

  2. The high tier British heavies are anti Russian medium tanks. You can’t cod a fv you can barely do it to a conqueror. The only way a Russian medium kills a fv is because it has low hp or has a bigger threat to worry about. One vs one against a British heavy is not an option on open terrain in a Russian med. If that fv has something hard nearby forget about.

  3. It s very painful line…. esp way too pain up to Conq, but it has no side armor at all, long and wide, very flat. If you face tier 8 yeah still very joyful with its top gun, once you against tier 9-10. You are butter. Trade your HP to any tanks. Don’t get me wrong, it has good gun. If….. they have put it to at least 100mm side armor, it would be easier to bounces some shots. If you get into city or flat ground, you will get punished badly.

  4. The Conqueror is underpowered. It doesn’t have the historical Conqueror’s turret, which was massively thick and amazingly well sloped, virtually impenetrable from the front. Download the Armor Inspector app, call up the Conqueror as the target and the IS-3 as the shooter, and then go into Global Settings and switch from Blitz to PC platform. You’ll see a massive difference!

  5. That tiger ll kill on middleburg was great. I’m on the Conqueror right now and admittedly my biggest prob is pushing too much and running into heavies early in the game. But when I’m patient, the tank works wonders and when meds push on me, they always regret it.

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