Commentary on the First Graphical Adventure Game – Mystery House (1980) – Playthrough – Apple II

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Making a small exception here with the inclusion of this Apple II game: Mystery House!

Indeed the first graphical adventure game to show it’s face on the computer scene. Definitely not a Dos game but considering how Graphical Adventure games flourished on the DOS platform I found it rather relevant to take some time to talk about the history of one of my favorite genres!

As you’ll be able to tell this is unscripted with a bit of babbling here and there, but with hopefully some entertaining & informative points being made throughout. 🙂

Hope you like it!


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  1. I like that you told us about your childhood and your first experience with computers and games.

    My first experience was with a 286 on a black and white screen. The computer did have a VGA card but I guess my dad couldn't afford a color monitor back then.
    It was my dad who taught me how to load games from 3,5" diskettes. Like typing A: and then dir and cd to enter a folder and then dir again and look for .EXE files.

    And whenever I work in the command line, even in linux, it still reminds me of those days. Even with my DOSBox installation I know I can add a script to the config file to mount things, I haven't done that because for some reason I enjoy typing mount C C:DOS every time. I know, I'm kinda weird that way.

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