Commander VS S13E2: Sedris vs Brion vs Licia vs Tetzimoc [EDH]

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What happens when your four favorite Commander players pick up lists from their past that died before their time? Vengeance is inevitable!


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  1. Jeez, the amount of hate in the comments over Jeremy leaving his signets in play.

    We all make mistakes people. And yes, Jeremy does tend to make more than the rest of the crew, but I've always felt he's the most casual player amongst them, and that's not a bad thing. He probably plays less, so he might not always double-check his permanents after a board wipe.

    Get off your high horse people. He's still a cool guy. I tend to like the style of decks he enjoys almost as much as I like Justin's, and I'm a massive fan of black/green.

  2. I like the old commander vs as now commander names run off the edge of my tv screen and I wosh not to watch them in miniature. I have about gone crazy trying to change every video setting I can to fix it when
    After resetting the PS4 the app loaded an old game and I was just "solved!" New games suck!

  3. Love the channel just wish you would try some different camera angles because it can be hard to figure out who is doing what when you can only see their hands.

  4. When a player makes a mistake they should lose a point unless they can bring it up at the end and explain because the real goal here is to learn from our mistakes;) This was a particularly painful episode watching Jeremy and his mana rocks stay as they were in constant use giving him an advantage that he should not have had.. #JonGoroBaby4Life

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