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Chat Rules:

1. No self promotion. Exceptions may apply. (Asking for a shoutout, etc.)
2. No links period. With exception to mods.
3. No excessive use of harsh language. Forcible action to moderator’s discretion.
4. No spamming of any kind in the chat. Exceptions apply. (At host’s request. etc.)
If user breaks one of these rules in a minor way, it will result in a warning from a
moderator. If the action repeats a second time, the user will receive a time out.
Anymore wrongdoing after the fact will result in a ban. Un-ban at host’s discretion.

Exceptions to this procedure include spamming the chat without approval from a host.
This action will result in a instant time out or ban depending on the severity of the

Any links will be deleted and the user responsible given a warning.

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