BEST Sensitivity for PUBG on Xbox One? (Improve Your Aim)

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Here are the best sensitivity settings that work for me and hopefully they work for you too!


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  1. Hey thanks for the tips and view. In relatively new to pubs and have been getting better but my aim is still as I had started. I have always played on a high sensitivity, just because I'm that kind of hyper rush at you kind of player. I jist like to turn fast and get places quickly and be able to do a quick 180 when someone's behind new, but. In this game I noticed so etching weird with the aiming and sensitivity. Its like nothing I've really dealt with to what I can remember lol. Hope this helps me, witch it may. Ill probably have to change tactics n etc. Idk but all I know is that aiming is weird. I can't stay on target and get shots to connect quickly

  2. Great video I agree with everything you said I'll try these settings as I need all the help I can get great game I hope it gets polished nicely as I've had so many crashes and glitching into buildings after the parachute jump it's the roughest game I've played since before playstation 1 not good enough really but I know it's preview still having a blast playing it

  3. Its all preference. You cant claim best sensitivity. I use 8 for everything. Although ive never aqired a 15x. The hardest part about using a higher sensitivity is staying calm.

  4. I think they should change the interaction button from pressing X or square to A or X on PS4 so you can reload with one click rather than holding it down

  5. Can u help me out my game on my screen is to large it’s going over where my tv ends and I was never given the chance to make it right. Is there a way to change that???

  6. Thanks, def will,try and let you know how it goes. Coming from Battlefield I can barely win a shoot out in this game! I can easily get into the top 20, and then top 10, but then I totally get owned during the close quarter final moments.

  7. After my third game with these settings I actually got a chicken dinner. At first I didn't think it mattered but the aim is alot better with these settings. Thank you!

  8. Bro also great tips because I tried these settings on my friends Xbox one and they are so better than my own settings and guess what I got winner winner chicken dinner the first time I used these settings thanks so much

  9. I had to crank my sensitivities to max, I played with default and I was fucking terrible like couldnt get past 50th but when i finally changed the setting I got back to back top 5s (2nd-5th).

  10. Dude, graphics straight suck. I get killed by grass and trees all the time. It's not because the other guy has good use of cover, it's because the damn game graphics make it hard to distinguish what is what.

  11. Getting kicked from the game is much worse than framerate issues. They should allow more time on the startup island to allow more things to render and populate. Fuck aim assist. Leave out aim assist.

  12. Played 8 games today with 0 kills. This games gunfights are soo shit. 1 shot in the head with the akm kills me. This game shouldve just stayed on pc. Its not good enough on console

  13. Great video. Thanks mate. Let's hope they fix the game and with the change of sensitivity I can improve my accuracy because right now am shocking at it.

  14. I kind of wish that sensitivity was controlled on the console level and apply it to all games.  This would make more sense to me instead of having to try to figure out what the equivalent sensitivity is from BF1 to PUBG

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