Battlegrounds NEW MAP LEAK + Brendan Greene says PUBG is NOT GOTY!?

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a crazy successful game with over 20 million copies sold so far and it averages around 2 million concurrent players on Steam everyday and recently PUBG Corp announced Battlegrounds would finally be leaving early access this December complete with new game mechanics and a huge new map. Now some data miners have torn apart PUBG’s newest update looking for every tidbit of information they can get their hands on and they found some pretty juicy details.

Hosts: Mike Williams and Gareth Evans
Script: James Wright
Editor: Jake Kulkowski


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  1. Wait… PUBG only have one map? I never realize that! And all that people play all days the same map don't get bored? I will never understand the multiplayer gamers mind.

  2. Maybe its fun, but its not an achievement in artwork, art style, sound, story, animations, literally nothing they did is groundbreaker, they just happened to make a game that became excessively popular on Twitch and in the gaming community. Is it good? Its alright. Is it fun? Yeah sure. Is it GOTY contender next to Divinity OS2, Nier, Horizon, Persona 5, Mario Odyssey and BotW? Absolutely NOT.

  3. This game is a pile of shit. GOTY my ass.
    If we are actually giving game GOTY for their play time we might as well give candy crush a game of the years.

  4. No game that is in early access should be considered. There are great early access games but rewards should wait for it to be finished imo.

  5. PUBG reminds me of how the original DOTA started out. It's rough, but it seems as they fine tune it should become a much better experience… However, that is if another company doesn't end up snatching that look and feel out from under Blue Hole.

  6. 'One of the biggest games of the year".
    20 million owners..makes it one of the biggest games ever. Currently 2nd best selling PC game ever. And yes..the game is FUN!!..that's why it's so successful….even some of the bugs are hilarious.

  7. Let's be real, Greene wants PUBG to win GOTY, he just doesn't want to come off as an arrogant, douche and gloat about how much he thinks his game is better than other games. Gotta at least appear humble to attract more wallets…I mean players.

  8. I only play PubG in first person. Fix your freaking field of view. I don't normally drive with my chin on the steering wheel or rest my cheek against the side of a gun while shooting.

  9. I'm actually surprised Divinity and Nier were not nominated. I mean Divinity was the highest rated PC game this year. The gameplay was just so satisfying.

  10. This is not the first time this has been said, nor the last probably, but PUBG was NOT the 'inventor' of this gamemode…, H1Z1 came before as a standalone game, and before that there was Arma mods, so please stop refering to it as such. Thx

  11. if they keep adding early access like pubg, might as well add clash of clans, mom hid my game and even candy crush. Cant believe people put this game up against other amazing games for the game of the year, goes to show that they haven't seen or even played other games apart from pubg.

  12. bro, its not a lot of other games ripping off PUBG, this game rips off arma 3 battle royale. which has been on for much longer than PUBG. also for me there is no reason to buy PUBG because i own arma 3. which gives access to battle royale, and dayz and loads of other amazing mods. which taken separately are different games altogether

  13. I think they confirmed it will be 8x8km so if a minimap of a 4x4km one has been found it's probably not up to date. Or they have changed their mind and gone for a smaller map

  14. Fortnite should be GOTY
    1. the game is smooth
    2. security is hard even kids can get sue because of cheating
    3. 20 million player beat PUBG 2 million players
    4. no bugs and glitches
    5. without epic games some of games will use unity lol.

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