Basic Game Mechanics for PUBG’s

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1:05 – Reading the Map

2:53 – The Circle

5:09 – Pre Medding

8:15 – Attachments and Sounds

11:40 – Zeroing

20:40 – First vs Third Person LoS

24:20 – Damage Fall off

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  1. instead of bringin out a calculator and your math teacher every time you aim for someone more than 100 meters away from you, just learn how to use a scope. either that or aim for the head and youll probably not hit lower than… the other head.

  2. WORST maths lesson ever , paint definitely didnt help one bit lol .. please PlayerUnknown no windage plse. if i have to watch Gunz "teach me some maths" i might drop down to a preschool level of intelligence, thats if i dont die from the aneurysm first 🙂

  3. Is there actual zeroing on the scopes in this game or are we talking about using the corresponding mildots on said scope? How far is max range of engagements usually? Found the math part and curved bullets aswell as "black" jack with tremendous dong actually funny. Yes I am that infantile 😀

  4. The gun mechanics in this game are a joke. I always get the drop on people, load multiple bullets into them, and somehow I'm always the one who ends up dead.

    I fucking hate games that take more than 2 bullets to kill someone. It rewards the less skilled and stealthy players.

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