Aztec for the Apple II – 1 game played at level 8

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One whole game of 1982 action-adventure title ‘Aztec’ for the Apple II computer. I play on the highest difficulty setting (eight), make it all the way to the bottom of the tomb and get the idol, but only manage to survive one storey’s worth of the return climb. This video’s purpose is to show a wide range of the game’s content, rather than a speed run or a win, both of which are already covered on YouTube.


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  1. I waas too small at the time we played such games. I remember Aztec was too complicated for me – too many buttons to learn. My brother used to play it though and I was very frustrated I could not, because the game looked soooo interesting!

  2. This is amazing! I remember playing this game in middle school. I didn't think there was any way I would find even a screen shot of it let alone a video. Thanks for posting this. Do you still have a working Apple II???

  3. The effect is about 50% due to the game itself (which is glitchy) and 50% the way this video was taken a few years ago (with third party software, off the screen). Basically the game has about double the framerate of the video. I could do a way better job today. But the emulation itself is flawless, to the extent that it reproduces all the original glitches of the game.

  4. I've never played the game myself. It got good reviews and I always meant to get it for my C64, but never did. I should download a copy and try it on an emulator.

  5. I thought he was *never* going to use the "crawl and fall" feature/bug.

    For those who didn't notice, the white and black dots on the bottom left of the screen can be read as binary numbers, 0-7 representing the level you are on (1-8).

  6. Some glitches/features:"fly" over gaps with in the weapon equipped mode by using repeat or autorepeat on the movement keys. Drop through floors by climbing on an object or creature then crawling to fall through the floor. Walk through walls by alternatively lunging and pulling back with machete then switching to walk mode. Fall "up" by crawling on the bottom stairs leading to a lower level. Climb to next level by climbing on an open chest at the top floor/platform and then tapestry/map/head. Oh yeah you can climb on water too… Probably others I can't remember at the moment. Quite a fun game :).

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