Assorted Apple II Games and Curiosities

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I take a look at Number Munchers, Word Munchers, Odell Lake, Conan, Drelbs, Dig Dug, Mario Bros., Pac Man, Arcade Boot Camp, Choplifter, Boulderdash, and Smurfenstein.


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  1. Mario Bros was first released as an arcade game and all of the early Nintendo games got ported to the consoles and computers of the day. Nintendo had dozens of games by the time the NES came to America.

  2. The NES is not a particularly powerful machine and in many ways is much simpler than an Apple II, which was released in 1978 you know. The Apple doesn't have a sound chip which is why is it sounds so bad. It had a speaker that could be vibrated and that was it. It has no sprites and no scrolling.

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