Assassin’s Creed Origins | Apple of Eden CONFIRMED In The Game! – ‘Apple of Eden’ Special Edition

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▶So today we got a leak from a magazine that showcases a new special edition of Assassin’s Creed Origins, it’s called the ‘Apple of Eden’ Edition. This confirms to us that the Apple of Eden is going to be in the game and that it could be an integral part of the plot!


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  1. Well, so… The Ankh probably isn't in the game, they don't like doing multiple PoE's in one game. Maybe, I don't know – We'll see, but to me it seems like we won't see the Ankh.

    Btw. did you hear that Bayek won't get a trilogy and it's official? Cause Aymar announced that the story of Origins will be countinued in a fucking comic book… <yaaay>

  2. well thats a major fuck you from Ubisoft. considering that they waitied fucking forever to announce this and ive already bought the dawn of the creed edition. they better put the fucking apple in the dawn of the creed version

  3. I just hope that when this edition does indeed excist, it will not contain any dlc that you will not get with the gold edition, since I already pre-ordered it and it would be a pure fucking kanien'kehá:ka tribes' pile of hare stinking shit to not get all the digital content available for this game😬😬😬😬😬

  4. that's good news can't believe that ader people would say this is not going to be great, but to me it's gona be awesome game and I'm aready loveing, it and is I watched twich stream s and people say random things that aren't true sometimes,

  5. I think it is stupid that they are still releasing new editions. Screw any players that have already pre-ordered the game that might want this.

  6. please no. i want another eden relic or the sword of eden or the ankh of eden what wasnt in a single game. ac 1 2 brotherhood reveletions 3 was all about the apple

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