Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Sequence 8 – Memory 2 – An Apple A Day

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«!» Audio removed due to copyright claims «!»
● Beat Cesare to the Apple of Eden.
● Climb the Castello and find a way in.
● Exit the CasteIlo through the front gate.
● Find a way out of the Castello.
● Find a way out of the Castello.
♦ Do not kill anyone.
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  1. How did you get the parachute ? This is so handy ! I have to dive into water and then climb back by the bridge (which is time consuming !)
    I'm stuck in that part too, everytime I try to escape the gards I can't get to the damn point in time  …

  2. My advice to anyone who needs help on this mission is to try to break the crowd of guards chasing you buy climbing small walls near the place you are suppose to go which should be the left side of the place. Also there will be a haystack and or a flower stack that you can hide in and wait for a minute, once they find where you are just look around from the left and then you should be clear. 99% of people will not understand this xD

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