Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood An Apple a Day

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  1. For someone who's supposed to be the head of the assassin's guild, Ezio can't run for shit. Seems that every lowly guard and soldier can outrun and out-jump him in this level. Also what is the point of having hiding places and blend spots if the moment he pops into one the guards come along and flush him out or see him. Looks like Ubisoft threw away the game rules when they programmed this mission.

  2. Strange how a papal guard i full armour can keep pace with a galloping horse. I was being chased all over the Vaticano district by a dozen papal guards in full arour and there was no way to lose the bastards. Fuck You Ubisoft.

  3. This game made me quit Assassin's Creed, I have not played any of the games after this. Brotherhood ruined the franchise for me. It's a shame cause AC2 I really enjoyed, AC1 was alright. But this one just made me so fed up.

  4. i dont get it i watch alot of walktrough how all this ppl do it perfectly this is a shitty ass mission annoying to the bone they just do is lalalala its nothing

  5. I had to go try this mission about seven times before I FINALLY got it, full sync. Seems that lots of people are stuck on this/had difficulties too I'll pop some tips off:
    -the agile guards are gonna hurt you, unless you kill them, you'll have to just let that happe n, keep running, just shove aside any in front of you
    -Scatter money around citizens to delay guards a bit. Scatter it before they see all the guards, or they'll be too scared to pick it up
    -keep changing from ground to rooftop, throws them off a little bit
    -the further away you drop the smoke bomb on all the guards from your hiding place(mine was the pile of rose petals, the same pile as this walk though), the less chance they have of finding you. Sometimes they won't even go to the open area where you're hiding, they'll just stay in the courtyard and conveniently disappear when you become anonymous(as they did in this walk through)
    -One of the times I was attempting this level, the guards ran out to the open area where I was hiding(rose petal pile)-and ALL of them climbed up to the rooftops. Not one of them bothered to check the rose petals.
    -all the times I tried hiding in the rooftop garden (there's one nearby,) simply didn't work. They'd lose sight of me, but as soon as I came out, detected me… so the rose petal pile is probably your best bet provided you drop the smoke bomb far enough away from it
    -good luck!

  6. Thought the game was good but can not get past this mission so will never now how the game ends shame. But I think Ubisoft could have made this one a little bit easier

  7. All of the final missions are total bullshit created by an incompetent game designer. I'm so freaking sick of it. The only want to finish it is to jump off a 3 story castle wall onto a paved road. Ruined my SoD completely. Stupid, freaking GD level design, overall just the most ridiculously convoluted and unimaginative levels I've ever played in a game. I'm so mad after investing 30 hours into the game only to find the ONLY way to finish is by restarting all of them at least a dozen times to figure out the linear EXACT way to play it the way the jerk designer intended. No competent gameplay tester would have let this go. If they had any.

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