Apple Pulls Civil War Games Because of Confederate Flag – #CUPodcast

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Apple pulled Civil War games because of the Confederate flag, before reinstating them.
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  1. A note on the part about how the nazi flag is all over WWII games… there were actually several companies that would sell "historically accurate" / "historical" WWII plane models, where the Nazi ones would just have no swastika on them.  People that wanted to have historically accurate models would have to add those to them themselves, as apparently the companies didn't consider the flag of the army to be historical, only a symbol of hate.


  2. If you want to hate the Confederate flag you must also hate the US flag, the original colonies were basically built by slaves, New England was the epicenter of the slave trade in the in the 1700's. New England legalized slavery a full generation before anyone in the South even thought about it, but Maryland really help things along in the mid 1600's with making a laws that stated any slave in the colonies would be held as slaves for the rest of their and any offspring a slave had would be held as slaves for their entire life as well. The US people have become the biggest bunch of pussies of any country on earth if something offends someone take it down, god forbid don't say something that hurts someones feelings or disagree with main stream opinions.

  3. If seeing symbols or hearing words etc. makes people perform horrible acts we might as well give up. If the human race is that easy to manipulate then what's the point. Game over…

  4. The Confederate Flag belongs to racist Democrats. My Ancestors fought for the Union Army. The American Flag belongs to Conservatives, not Liberal retards that try to twist History in their favor.

  5. well now I know who not to subscribe to…

    well for starters no freaking crap the flag still flies in the south…if you don't like it there are many highways north or you can simplly ignore it. Oh and to the two in the video…let me point out a few things.

    1. Talk to any Native American about his/her views of the American Flag.

    2. search for"Black Confederate soldiers" I bet you'll be surprised.

    3. Let's tackle this racist thing once and for all. I have a quick question if Lincoln was this great hero. How come there where very little to none at all of Native Americans, African Americans, or Jewish in their ranks as opposed to the confederacy ?

    4. If I recall correctly I don't think I remember anything about the south burning, looting,pillaging, and downright destroying everything it came into contact with; or am I just expected to believe that Fascist Sherman was some great hero?

    5. Correct me if I am wrong but; was it not stated within the bill of rights that state that states can leave the union if they wished? you know like having northern republicans outnumber and control the white house, Senate, and congress; and impose taxes like the Morrill Tariff while Southern Democrats had no way of getting equal representation?

  6. What did the slaves do? Make raw materials. Where do you think the raw materials went? I'll tell you. Then went to the factories in the north. Talk about that for awhile. How about Researching why the civil war was really fought instead of just buying into the false idea that it was all about slavery. That said, should we remove the American flag too? I mean plenty of people have murdered in the name of that flag.

    The confederate flag represents slavery, and Oceana was always at war with east Asia.

  7. every country in the world had an ounce of slavery in it, not just confederate america, even back to the days of ancient egypt for gods sake the government needs to pull its head out its arse, slavery happened accept it

  8. We should also get rid of Islamic symbolism because of the terrorist that bombed the twin towers. Also remove the American flag because of the massacre that has been done to the native american.

  9. The Confederate Flag stood for the same thing that the American Flag stood for when it was made. "Don't tread on me." It's all because history is written by the victor. If the British had won the American Revolutionary War, I'm positive that they'd be arguing about Old Glory right now. Yes the Confederate Flag has been used in hatred by the KKK and neonazis. But how did it start? It was fueled by the Union. When the Union came through the South and destroyed plantations and stole farmland, they gave the land (that wasn't their's to begin with) to African Americans. Can you imagine having your house taken from you and given to someone else who didn't have to buy it? I'm not saying I condone the hate or what they did, I'm just saying why. But it's going to happen again soon. History has a funny way of repeating itself and what better way than to offer companies benefits if they hire black people over white people, and the same with colleges? There is a NAACP, that gives grants to black students, can't do that for white kids. There is even black Mrs. America. Can you imagine if there was a white Mrs. America? Our society has done a good job at placing a racial boundary where there should be none in the name of Political Correctness.

  10. Did those games have the ACTUAL flag that was flown in the civil war?
    Or the flag we know today as the confederate flag that was adopted in the 60's to fight against the integration of black kids into white schools?
    The fact both you guys missed/ignored this point is sad and shows a total lack of any knowledge or research.

  11. For your friend on the left.

    While the Confederate Battle Flag had been used as symbol of hate, a great majority of Confederates fought to protect their states rights and not for slavery. Your distaste of the Battle Flag as a racist symbol may be associated with its use by the Confederate soldiers whom supported a government that instituted slavery. While slavery is certainly wrong, it is not a unique sin of the old South, but a sad trait in human history with all civilizations and races have committed. But I pose to you this question, many of our Founding Fathers (including George Washington) owned slaves, should we not remove their images and symbols out of government areas? And the Stars and Stripes have been used on more than one occasion in hate groups such as KKK and Neo Nazi rallies, so because it used in such hate groups then we should logical band the display of our national flag, right?

    I feel you only touched the surface of the our Civil War history as you will find the Confederate descendants are proud of the Battle Flag not because of white superiority, but the bravery of their forefathers and the blood that was spilled by all Southerns (soldiers and civilians alike) during that tragic conflict. Before you pass judgement, I would implore you study more of our history and you'll find it a lot more complex than what was taught in high school.

    Under the Stars and Strips we have committed genocide during the Plains Indian Wars as well as aggressive expansion in banana republics (particularly the Philippines) and conducted concentration camps in those regions. I love my flag, but it is not without sins as well.

    BTW, I'm a former US Army officer so studying warfare was part of my job. Oh, I'm of Asian descendant too; I hope you can take my point of view as neutral. Good day.

  12. Is the current American flag offensive? Please, try me. Anyone. I'm glad we are all sensitive to the plight of African Americans, that's lovely, truly, (not sarcasm) but we should be consistent in our fervent dislike of colored pieces of cloth if we are approaching this topic seriously. And I am not a sympathizer of the Confederacy.

  13. ok, now its going a little too far. In this instance, its a historical game where the flag has SOME place. I understand about it these days, but something that is in the proper context does not matter.

  14. As far as I'm concerned, it's ok as long as people, black and white, realize…The civil war's over. It's been over, those old issues are resolved, slavery is outlawed, The U.S is one nation. To me, the Confederate flag is one of three American flags and people should be allowed to have it in the U.S, especially when they are apparently allowed to have other trashy flags that actually should be outlawed. Sure, it's been used for hate and I resent that and in those cases, it was severely misrepresented. From what I understand, it's just supposed to mean Southern pride. That's part of the reason why I despise the KKK. Ask yourself, who's fault is it that the Confederate flag gets so much flak? Who started it's bad reputation?

  15. A little bit knee jerk. Hitler was the biggest mass murdering scumbag in history arguably and he's on the History channel all day every day. I get the sensitivity of the issue but a visual that represents a shameful chapter in history is not making mass murderers, mental illness does. This kid would have found a reason to hurt someone sooner or later, he was just wired badly.

  16. And all the closeted racists and bigots just emerge from the mire they dwell in. It happens every fucking time anything is brought up about shit like this.

  17. The US flag flew under slavery for about 80 years. Do we need to ban the US flag? Also Abe Lincoln was planning to send African Americans to South America. Do history or history will do you.

  18. As a child from the 70's all I can say is that I HATE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!
    It's out of hand these days.I say "who gives a shit".

  19. I find it ironic how as an American, Pat implied that treason is wrong. Does he not know America was literally founded by an act of treason? But that's none of my business….

  20. I can't be upset with Pat or Ian for not understanding what the rebel flag means to southern people in general. They aren't from the South so I can't expect them to know any better. The only things I know about Jersey are from Kevin Smith films so I couldn't exactly be held responsible for any inaccurate ideas I had about the place anymore than they can be blamed for their inaccurate opinions.

    I personally know black people who have decals of the flag on their vehicles or tattoed on their body. To them it's just a symbol of the 'dirty south'. To most people it's just a symbol of southern pride. Nothing more, nothing less.

  21. I hope you guys know theres 2 flags right… one was for the confederate army. the one everyones crying about and the national confederate flag which was the new nations flag….   I think everyones becoming cry babies. Its a flag waaaa. All americans should keep there hands in there pockets look at the ground and never talk to one another… no one will ever be offended LOL

  22. I think that is nuts. What about ww2 games with Nazis flags? If you look back at the history of Zionism, all these hateful symbols are of hatemongers funded by Rothschildesque bankers giving loans, (the kind of ones Jesus in the bible said stay away from). Point is that it's history. What do you think the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki think of the American flag? Should they stick their heads in the sand and ban the Stars & Stripes, or would that look silly?

  23. You damn 'muricans and your flags…. this confederate flag is an idiotic symbol of the LOSERS of a war. Should have been banned by the WINNERS long ago… DARWIN 4TW

  24. I love how the American flag's mishaps, such as internment camps, bringing slaves to America in the first place, treason against Britain, and also slave holding, aren't mentioned. Way to go… You created a historically inaccurate video!👍🏻

  25. The confederate flag isn't a flag of hatred, just because rednecks love it doesn't mean there aren't some of us who like what it actually stands for. It stands for standing up for independence and what you believe in. Don't let hundred plus year old propaganda make your decisions for you.

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