Apple Pippin – Fifth VideoGame Generation Recap – Adam Koralik

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This is a discussion topic video about the fifth generation of videogame consoles. This will be part “six point five” of my seven part mini-series. Here we will discuss the Apple (Bandai) Pippin, the eighth entry in to the fifth generation of game consoles.


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  1. Why is it that history's most unpopular console (Pippin) is the most region friendly and the most popular console (PS2) is the most un region friendly?

  2. As odd as that confirm button is, I get why it's like that. Basically it's trying to emulate a mouse, I've had similar experiences playing some games on Steam using the Steam controller.

  3. I feel bad for Japan. Just like the N64DD, every system that bombs or is never even released here, Japan gets it. Japan has had every piece of trash system.

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