[Apple II] Lode Runner (1983) (Broderbund)

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Lode Runner for the Apple II, the original version developed by Douglas Smith and published by Broderbund.

The original puzzle-platformer, and favorite game of Tetris-designer Alexey Pajitnov. Unlike the later Arcade and home ports, this original version features 150 levels of pain.


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  1. @LordKarnov42 Probably the most sought-after game of 1984 [at least in Fairbanks/College, Alaska], also where you could design your own levels (up to 50 on a disk)…but you had to format another disk, "brun" the master disk, then switch disks to run **your** levels. At least you didn't have to run Integer Basic first! I stayed overnight at a friend's house across the street once; his father was up half the night learning this game (because I heard him playing long after we were in bed)!

  2. @rogerrobie68 It was so good I wrote an Applied Composition report on the "Qualities I like best in a ____" paper [we each chose topic] in the 9th grade. After all classes were over, they would play (mostly) it in the Computer Room until 4PM or so; then the "great god of electricity" (Mr. Reed) would cut the classroom power out for the day. During spring finals, I played there after tests one day, until 2:30PM. Next year computer room moved to the library and "no more video games" there.

  3. Love that video !! But on my Apple IIe I have only a mono color monitor. (Green) But the sound exactly the same…
    Please do you have an idea for the level 32 !! I'm stuck !

  4. This remains (in my recollection) the best computer game ever made! We played it to death as kids until someone left the 6-inch floppy on the floor and it got stepped on. I was devastated. Can u still get this somewhere?

  5. I remember playing it years ago on an Apple II. Probably only find an Apple II in a museum these days. I was addicted to Lode Runner classic mode. I’m now setting up Retropie on a Raspberry Pi to play it again. Retropie is an emulator for Amiga, Apple II, Atari 800, Atari 2600, C64, Game Boy, Intellivision, Sega Master System, Nintendo, N64, ZX Spectrum, and many more with about 5000 games in total.

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