Apple II Game: Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar (1985 ORIGIN Systems, Inc.) (1/4)

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After defeating Mondain, Minax, and Exodus in the first 3 Ultima games, Sosaria is now evolved beyond anyone’s knowledge as continents rose and sand and new cities were built leading into a new civilization and the new world was renamed Britannia and Lord British became a monarchy and wishes to base people;s well-being on the ethical principles of Truth, Love, and Courage based on eight virtues like Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility. This is what everyone should strive for and achieve to become a spiritual leader and a moral example as an inhabitants of Britannia by accomplishing full understanding and realization of these virtues. That person alone along with a group of parties would be able to obtain holy artifacts, descend into the Stygian Abyss, and access the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom. After accomplishing these tasks, the person has achieve avatar-hood throughout the game.

This game has improved graphics with improved game engine.

The first game in the series that uses a virtue system where you achieve avatar-hood in becoming a role model for people of the world by achieving eight virtues.

Character creation is done by choosing the responses morally ambiguous questions done by the gypsy reader. Which ever path you choose based on the questions you answered, the game will assign a character and location for that avatar you have chosen and you are free to explore the land of Britannia in various ways. All of the characters in this game are humans. You must collect certain items in order to advance in the game especially when entering the Stygian Abyss to complete the game and you must also reach the highest level of all virtues. This is done by various means where as, donating blood increases Sacrifice, not fleeing from combat increased Valor, overpay a blind seller increases compassion points. But if you underpay the seller below the asking price, you will lose virtue points.

Exploring dungeons are very important part of the game since most of the virtue stones are found in dungeons and you need to find them prior to entering the Stygian Abyss. The orbs in dungeons help increase the players stats and also important in the game.

This is the also the first game in the series where you must find non-playable characters in various areas of the game world and are able to join your party and fight alongside with you, replacing the traditional player-generated characters (first seen in Ultima III) or mercenaries and adventurers in special locations. New elements in the game include buying and combining herbal reagents in order to cast spells, unique items such as grapple to pass through mountains, puzzle rooms in dungeons, and many other.

On 10:10:33 – 10:18:51 My computer crashed while I was praying at the shrine of spirituality and messed up and lost the 8th part avatar-hood. So I loaded the last save state file to go back where I left off and have decided do other things first before praying at shrine of spirituality again. After that I spoke to Hawkwind at the Seer in Castle Britannia to ask about Spirituality and said I already achieve avatar-hood in that path. Something went wrong since I'm not sure if that glitch or a bug caused by the save state or the emulator Applewin emulator I was using made me achieve avatar-hood in spirituality without me noticing it. I search all of the video of me praying at the shrine of spirituality and it was nowhere found in the video so I replayed the first part of the game and played it off-screen until Hawkwind at the Seer in Castle Britannia finally tells me to go pray at the Shrine of Spirituality for 3 cycles. After that re-record that part to where I went ahead to go to the Shrine of Spirituality to achieve Avatar-hood by praying at 3 cycles again. After that, I stopped the recording and I placed it to have it included in the video to avoid confusion in case someone asks why it was not in the video the first place.

Note: I realized YouTube will only allow me to uploand video lengths only at a maximum of 12 hours. The length of the video was about 37 hours long so they are split into parts of no more than 12 hours long.

Walkthrough Guides and Info:

Stay tune for the Apple II version of Ultima First Age of Darkness.


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  1. This is epic and it is great that you created this for posterity. Thanks!

    37 hours is a bit daunting, though. Would you consider posting a 10x speeded up version as well?

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