Apple II Game – Ultima III: Exodus (1983 ORIGIN Systems, Inc)

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An RPG game sequel to Ultima II. After Defeating Mondain and Minax peace was returned to the land of Sosaria. As time passes by, after the death of Mondain and Minax, it was soon revealed that they both had an offspring named Exodus. Now Exodus is out to get revenge to avenge the death of their parents by terrorizing the land of Sosaria. The stranger hero is now summoned once again by Lord British to protect and defend the land of Sosaria. The player also takes a quest to dungeons to receive magical marks, the quest to Ambrosia to find the Shrines to gain stats, and the dungeon to find the Time Lord which must be done in order to confront Exodus. Exodus cannot be killed directly (just like the previous games) by a group of party adventurers. You must use clues in defeating Exodus. This the last Ultima game to take place in the land of Sosaria. The Ambroisa and the Isle of Fire takes place in later Ultima games.

This is the first Ultima game to feature music. It’s also the first ever RPG game where you play in the party rather than a single player, which influenced and inspired games like Dragon Warrior (or Dragon Quest) and Final Fantasy games. This game seems demonic mainly because of the satanic devils that was featured in this game just like Ultima II. The last Ultima game to take place in the Age of Darkness. Also reminds me of the Gauntlet games.

The characters I’ve played are:

Male Human Barbarain – Conan
Female Elven Thief- Carmen Sandiego
Male Human Ranger – Rocker
Male Bobbit Druid – Healer

Played on Applewin emulator

Note: This game is buggy. When I got closer to leveling up to 20, graphical bugs start to appear which made it impossible for me to progress further in the game. I had no choice to get to the last part of the level after I’ve gotten everything I needed to beat the game. Once that’s done it’s over. If I had not been able to beat the game, I would have simply gave up. Also, some parts of the video showing me repeatedly showing me doing the same thing over and over again have been sped up using Virtual Dub to keep the length of video as short as possible and some of them have been edited out. The video was originally about 20 hours long but YouTube keeps rejecting the video as being too long. You will see some parts being fast forward just like fast forward a Vhs tape on a VCR player.

Speed up effect look at 7:22:04

Walkthrough guides available:

More info available:

Stay tuned for the full playthrough/walkthrough video for the Apple II version of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.


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  1. Not bad for the grand daddy to Final Fantasy. RPG's were always suppose to be long. But, 5 hours in, these characters are taking some kind of holy bath. Nothing like an hour of SHAZAM! with…I'm guessing the sound of a microwave shorting out? The music really saves it.

  2. Finding pristine disk images for this game is tricky. I played through on a C-64 on my original disks, and didn't encounter any bugs. I've played through on an Apple II as well, and didn't encounter bugs. What kind of things started going wrong?

  3. If you take a look at 9:36:45. you will notice a graphical bug in the game. When I got close to leveling the players to level 20, that's where the bug starts. When I try to enter the towns to purchase needed items, it places me in the body of water instead of on land. That prevents me from moving and stuck like ice.

  4. The fast fowarding effect at later on in the video is wild looking!!!! Thanks for the vid!!! When I played this game on the Apple 25 years ago, I didn't have a sound card on my computer. Hearing the music adds to the game a lot!!

  5. Food cost money. The way to earn money is to kill enemies which later turns into treasure chest, steal chest from merchants, or get chests in dungeons. Then you have to keep going back to the store to buy food from the grocery clerk. Sometimes, I need to accomplish something first before I can go back to the store to buy food, or upgrade weapons.

  6. How bizarre that the guy who made this is 1000% "Illuminati"….he has close links with the NASA hoax factory, even faking a trip to the fake International Space Station, and ofcourse "Exodus" being an important word in Zionist Jew history…Illuminati is everything gawddam

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