Apple II Game: Swashbuckler (1981 Datamost)

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Swashbuckler is an early fighting game. The whole game takes place on the same screen. You’re in the center and enemies such as humans, snakes, and rats come at you from either side. You’ve got a sword that can strike high, low or center, or block.
As the game progresses the number and speed of the enemies increase until they’re too fast for a human to handle.

Note: This game seems endless Around 10:45 eveything goes wrong as the video and audio have desync. It was so bad I’m not sure how to fix it. So I had to speed up the video and audio or else everything would look very ugly.

Emulator: AppleWin1.17.2.2
Recorder: Virtualdub + Vhscreencap
Editor: Virtual Dub + Camtasia 7.0


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