Apple II Game: King’s Quest (1984 Sierra On-Line)

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Also known as King’s Quest – Quest for Crown.

A graphical adventure game where a town of Daventry is suffering from disasters and hardships. You as the brave knight Sir Graham going to see the king in the castle of Daventry to honor his throne on a quest 3 hidden treasures: magic chest, magic mirror, and the golden egg to end the king’s suffering. But you have some obstacles to overcome while searching and retrieving these items. Once you are successful, you will become the new king.

Note: I totally forgot to do this one. Apple II is the not the original version of this game. Many people say the DOS version is the original but that’s not true. The IBM PCjr is the original version (also released in 1984) and its roms for this game are nowhere to be found on the internet. So I decided to do the Apple II version which is the closest to the original you can get. Unlike the later ports, the IBM PCjr and the Apple II versions have no score on top of the screen. Apple II version is alright the IBM PCjr is better. The game only has music in the intro and a few beeps throughout the game with the one at the end. That’s it. Overall, not a bad game. I totally forgot about the elf where he gives you the magic ring. But doesn’t matter since I’ve beaten it.


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  1. I played this as a kid on the Apple IIc. If I remember correctly, the game has almost no sound except for an opening tune at the title screen, an occasional bleep/beep when you picked up something, and I believe a tune whenever you die.

  2. Ah, the rarely used double-hires mode of the Apple II, that was only available for the Apple IIc and the Apple IIe with 128 RAM. I played around with that mode a lot on my Apple IIc when I was a kid, it wasn't natively supposed in BASIC, so you had to use it via machine language. The resolution was technically 560×192, but the effective resolution for using all 16 colors in hi-res was actually 140×192. Even the normal hi-res mode (280×192) had an effective color resolution of only 140×192.

  3. I played this on the Apple IIGS and had no idea the 8-bit Apple version slowly drew the game's backgrounds like the older Sierra titles did. And then to see it spring to life and smoothly animate the characters across it is really interesting to see!

  4. Thanks for uploading this! I remember playing this game so well. It was so exciting at the time. I even remember seeing the hole drawn under the rock as the screen rendered. I also remember there being an object on the screen that I didn't identify. If you didn't know what it was, you couldn't interact with it. I had to ask a bunch of people to find out it was a bowl.

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