Apple II Classics – Conan: Hall of Volta

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This series is a personal journey into the past, reexperiencing the Apple II games I played during my formative years.

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  1. Wow, what an old timey game. And so brief!
    So old! You can smell it.
    Interesting to hear the audio similarities between this and Ultima. Especially the popping fire stuff.

  2. I just noticed something weird. This video inspired me to re-watch your Ultima 5 LP, and I can't help but notice your voice was a lot higher in pitch then than it is now. I'm guessing you've just bought a better mic since then 😛

  3. Great intro. Reminded me so much of the way my life has been shaped by the games I played in childhood — in my case I had a BBC Micro and a Mac SE/30, and I've never used an Apple II, so I'm especially curious to see what its games were like 🙂

  4. There were a bunch of secrets in this game. On the first screen for instance you can jump off the castle onto the tree and if I remember correctly you walk left to the lower branch, then right to as far as you can go then down an invisible ladder to get an extra life.

  5. This is so nostalgic….I played it when I was a teenager, and loved this game. Thanks so much for playing and posting the video and enjoying it as much as I did!

  6. oh wow, once I started watching this video.. . all this nostalgic goodness hit me like a bag of bricks… followed by a lot of pent up frustration. I forgot about waiting for those portals to line up juuusssst right and those flying eyes. ugh I got to the last level but I don't think I ever beat this game growing up.

  7. I spent hundreds of hours playing this. Playing with the keyboard is hard… press left/right once to walk, and again to run. On the 2nd level you have to run off the platform above the door, or you die. It's too bad DataSoft didn't make more platformer games like it. This showed off how good a hi-res game could be on the Apple II.

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