Apple Farm Location Zelda BOTW (140+ Apples!)

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Another quick video, this one showing the location of the large apple farm at the middle section of Satori Mountain, easily and quickly letting you obtain over 140 apples in a matter of minutes.

I know apples aren’t the best of recovery items out there only recovering half a heart each but they will only take up 1 inventory slot, giving you a lot of full heals without taking up meal slots. Early on in the game when i had less than 10 hearts these apples were a godsend!


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  1. Found these groves last week it's great. I started cooking them on DEath Mountain to get the Baked Apples and it can stack so i have about 400 baked apples and 300 apples lol There a groves of Hearty Durian to you paraglided right over and other patch of trees around that mountain have a lot of Herbs and Mushrooms.

  2. It's faster to bomb them and doesn't wear down your weapon. Also check out the small Grove just east of this. There are a ton of plants you can pick.

  3. Its also the perfect place to farm wood for all that TarryTown questing! Although I only just found out about this area from another YouTuber Let's Playing this. I honestly just chopped down the trees around TarryTown and outside Hateno Village.

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