Apple Bans Anti-Apple Phone Story Game

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Apple’s App Store can be tough on app developers — getting in is one thing but getting noticed is quite another what with a couple million apps out there. But developer Molleinsdustria got its Phone Story game banned. Why? Perhaps because it tells the story of how smartphones and the like are produced with slave labor.


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  1. @aimbotjesus
    except since "the people who buy the products" usually dont know, under which circumstances they were made it s mostly apple and the government in the respective countries to blame. btw, i dont own a smartphone 🙂

  2. @Zwiebelschnucki
    Ignorance is not an excuse. Sure Apple IS mostly to blame, but if consumers refused to buy their products they they would be forced to make changes to protect their profit margin.

  3. @Zwiebelschnucki Aside from the fact you now know, which puts the continued abuse in the consumers hands. So even if Ignorance is an excuse, you (or the consumer) are now knowingly contributing.

  4. @aimbotjesus
    No, because they are not. I ve never heard about those working condicions until yesterday and I know for a fact that a big bunch of Iphone users in my circle of friends is still clueless.

  5. @Zwiebelschnucki Coltan isn't just a smartphone mineral. Its used for capacitors and its in your computer, your laptop, your cellphone, your tv's and monitors.

    the point isn't just attacking apple either, its about awareness of where this crap comes from. We as a society (the world mostly) are complicit in all this violence and abuse. Its likely the same for many products but things like smartphones and tablet pc's just seem like this harmless little piece of a green future and they are not.

  6. @livecave144 – that isn't exactly true. that was the working title and the developer used pictures from that prototype on the website – but the release was always "Phone Story". They used apple because of their cultural significance – but the content reflects all electronic manufactures to one degree or another.

  7. @scuzzbag87 Yes, Hello – use the touch pad to move to the minors (lol see what I did thar?) that are tired – then make them work – next level, tap where the suicide net needs to go to save the people – next level – put finger on smartphone vendor and pull up to throw phones at consumers who act predictably by running at you. last level, take like colored waste and hand it to poor people to dangerously "recycle" it.

  8. @jdfox37
    Obviously it depends on the manufacturer if the used coltan is from Central Africa or not. Nokia and Motorola for example wont use Coltan mined from problematic regions. Since I own a Nokia cellphone I should be set 😛

    Apart from that you won t be able to make me believe it s the consumers fault if something goes wrong in the process of manufacture. I, as a consumer, can do little to nothing in order to change things. At least as long as there s no real alternative to a "bad" product.

  9. @Zwiebelschnucki Once the Coltan is refined, and then mixed with all the sources you cannot know where the Tantalite comes from. Therefore that statement is unbelievable. Even if Nokia claims that, it's unprovable BS.
    Motorola also employs Foxconn (Yeah, -that- Foxconn) for Manufacturing purposes. You are lieing to yourself to not feel guilty, you are better off using that effort to try to change, not deny your involvement.
    "Do not pretend you are not complicit".

  10. I think the developer has find a good way to say what´s going on and whats worng. Apple is one of the biggeres Company of the World and it is very good Idea and chance to make new way. I don´t hate apple but I think it´s time for a change now. fair Trade its a good think and make a very well PR. Well maybe HTC, Samsung or Windows faster.
    (sorry for my bad english)

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