9 of the Best Multiplayer Games for Nintendo Switch

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The Switch was built with Multiplayer in mind. It’s the whole reason the Joy-Con’s exist. What are some of the best games that utilize this capability?
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  1. I have been considering Rocket League for its multiplayer. I am not sure if the lower resolution is enough to avoid the game compared to it on other platforms.

  2. Isnt Doom a good Multtiplayer game too?
    You should do a second video where you show up all games that were recommented in the comments…

    While writing this comment…
    Minecraft is multiplayer too and local (i think)

  3. I think that Mario VS Rabbids should be on here- *NOW HEAR ME OUT*: I know that people assume that the game is just a shitty crossover by Ubisoft and a huge cash grab, or at least what I thought it was, but it is actually REALLY fun. It takes some getting used to, and you need to be a fan of grid based strategy games to enjoy it, but it is actually really in depth and entertaining. In fact, whenever I get bored of playing BOTW, (which is a very rare occurrence) I would boot that up instead. It has local multiplayer, and can be entertaining at parties and gatherings, or just with your brother on the couch. I highly recommend it.

  4. actually, for rocket league, you can play locally in table top mode, all you have to do is play with a joy con sideways with the other controller on the switch, then connect the other joy con while the other one is connected. and then you have 2 different players. and that’s it!

  5. I gotta say that for me ARMS is the better than Pokken, I wasn't sure about ARMS when it was announced but I got to play during the free week ends and I fall in love, It's a great game. I played the Pokken demo and to me it felt less tight and focused than ARMS so I passed on it.

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