7 Big Changes Coming in the PUBG 1.0 Update

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PUBG Update 1.0 will bring with it some big changes to Erengal, including vaulting, new sound effects, UI updates and two new weapons. Eurogamer headed to the PUBG test servers to try some of the changes out for ourselves.

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  1. 1.0 better fix my fps drops and lag the new fonts and map and music arent useful in my opinion just give me stable fps and ill be happy

  2. They’re patching it because it’s coming to console. They obviously don’t give a shit about pc and care more about console. They make more money from console games. I’m buying PUBG on Xbox one. It’s coming out December 12. I’ve already pre-ordered it. I’m just glad they decided to separate the PC servers from console. Mouse and keys are so much more accurate than a console controller. Also, are you pc guys mad that us console players are gonna get the new map first upon full game launch on console?

  3. U forgot the fact that they Madeira blurry, fuzzy, and made it look like shit just to make more fps which is garbage because I was getting 70-110 fps in live server

  4. Dude… #7 is the red zone. It's the sound of the shells being fired, the patch notes were very explicit the red zone sounds were divided into three new sounds. 1) firing 2) soaring 3) landing.

  5. i run this game on minimum requirements in live servers low settings and i have 40-50 fps,in test medium-high 60-75 fps and very smoothly and clear screen.I hope bluehole keep this changes and install anticheat system coz wall hack do party over there.

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