5 Tips for Realistic Shading | Minecraft Skin

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▼◊▼*~* OPEN MEH FOR DETAILS *~* ▼◊▼
Heya, here’s a video with some tips I wish I’d known when I first started making skins, so I hope you will find it helpful 🙂

Skin requests are closed, but I do take commissions, more information about that on my PMC page here: https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/elvenjedi/post

~Credits and Info~
Skin Editor: minecraftskins.com
Screen Recorder: Icecream Screen Recorder
Video Editor: Movie Maker
Music by: Vindsvept, fantasy music, link here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Vindsvept



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  1. Omg!!! Thank u so much!!! Now I can create good skins! I just tried to do what you said in this vids and I loved it!! I'll subbed 😀
    Edit: Can u make a vid on how to shade skin tones? Thx!

  2. Hi I'm a new subscriber and I'd really love if you can do skin tutorials for males because there is many differences and not everyone may be female that watches these and it's hard to get inspiration when most skin tutorials are women

  3. Just an idea but every hundred or 50 subs you should do a giveaway where u select one subscriber in the comments and you make them a skin (just an idea It sounded cool in my head so yeah) love your channel

  4. Hey Elven Jedi! just wanted to say that these tips helped me so much. P.S i subbed! hope you make it to 500 subs soon!
    -Much love from your new subscriber, SugarHaven101

  5. GUYS! I FOUND SOMETHING HIDDEN ON SKINDEX YOU CAN DO! follow these steps and u can do it!

    1. you need a computer to do this and the computer needs a mouse
    2. go onto skindex
    3. look at the wheel of colors
    4. with your mouse, take the little dot and drag it outwards and move it around the wheel (YOU MUST DO IT SLOWLY!)
    5. it SHOULD stop you at some point
    like if this worked

  6. You don't deserve 634 subscribers you deserve 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999909999999 subscribers XD (I know that isn't a real number)

  7. Your tutorial isn't for realistic shading. It only applies to those cute/kawaii skins which are /unrealistically/ vibrant. If you want to create a messy medieval or an average-joe skin, you wouldn't change the saturation as much. The only tip which could be used for one of these is the sideways shading one. I am not saying that your tips are useless, though. I suppose your channel is dedicated to dresses and the like.

    EDIT: I just saw your last tip… You said the one on the left is a much more realistic shading but the one on the right is nicer to look at. So in a tutorial for realistic shading, you advise people to shade less-realistically? Hm…

  8. i have one fatle fla in this i WOULD use the lighter and darker tool but ONLY FOR THE HAIR the darkest color in the corners and brightest in the for squairs in the middle the rest is very nice advice

  9. I still don't know how to do anything. Am I really that bad?
    I have to look more at the first steps on how to make a nice skin.
    Unless I just give all the hard work to my sister, who does more with art.

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