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A lot of exciting news, starting with the new war mode released for event mode, which is basically a deathmatch. As well as the 4×4 map’s new testing date. I’ll update with the link for where to sign up for your keys when they put it up.

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  1. It was on custom games for ages now, hopefully they keep it as a permanent mode, it's really fun and good for practice
    daddy pin this comment plz

  2. I played a few hours of warmode yesterday, and I thought it was fun, but there were lots of easily fixable issues with it. Here is what they are
    and what they should do to fix them.

    The parachuting. It is too hard to accurately control yourself and just doesn’t work. They should make it more responsive, so you don’t maintain your momentum in a turn, and make your parachute deploy faster (not earlier). Or they could just remove the parachuting (I hope they don’t cuz it lets you choose we’re too spawn, it’s just not ironed out rn)

    The duration of the game. I think they should make the games last much longer, around 30 minutes, and you can join one that is already in progress. They should increase the points you have to reach to 400 or 500 and increase the time limit.

    The guns. They should remove the vss from this mode, it just doesn’t fit a mode like this. It’s fine in the battle royale mode, but not in warmode. Not nearly enough damage per second compared to the other guns.

    Also, I just feel like there isn’t enough action. Sometimes I’ll only get 6 kills in a game because you have to sit back in cover with your team unless you want to get shot at by 5 people at once. To fix this, they should decrease the time it takes to respawn to 15 seconds or less. I shouldn’t have to wait 40 seconds to respawn in a game like this. Also, they should reduce the team sizes and increase the total number of teams. For examples 6 teams of 5. This will make the teams more mobile instead of each team locking down an area for the whole game

  3. I actually don’t care about new modes, I’d rather see new attachments, guns and vehicles. It’s very disappointing to see what pubg is doing the last few months.

  4. If war mode were be permanent , pubg would increase its online player number per hour. I don't know, war mode as event might be a test for pubg. It liked by so many people. I think they will add war mode permanent in future .

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