29 New iOS Games of February 2018 | Playscore

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A ranking of all the the newly-released and newly-rated iOS mobile games that have just released on the Apple App Store. Play these latest games on your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. You may get these games by clicking the links below:

Alto’s Odyssey https://goo.gl/XufDBb
A Hollow Doorway https://goo.gl/gSLnAX
Bouncy Smash https://goo.gl/5WqfqE
Bring You Home https://goo.gl/Y2j1cK
Caravan War https://goo.gl/4hP6hZ
Cubor https://goo.gl/8PrZs3
Dandara https://goo.gl/tL3uxM
Death Squared (RORORORO) https://goo.gl/a29b2n
Dice Brawl: Captain’s League https://goo.gl/KXT5KP
Dig Dog – Treasure Hunter https://goo.gl/FTVnEm
Disc Drivin’ 2 https://goo.gl/DrijMw
Flippy https://goo.gl/jY7jdo
FLO Game https://goo.gl/DzX89a
Florence https://goo.gl/hEDDKo
Just Freeskiing https://goo.gl/z2vfe8
Glitch Dash https://goo.gl/Tk3sR1
Grand Summoners https://goo.gl/WeaFfE
Ink or Swim https://goo.gl/vSm4rP
Kitty Powers’ Love Life https://goo.gl/a4gBwG
Landslide Ninja https://goo.gl/Bdm4rb
Light a Way https://goo.gl/69cCgW
Magic Golf https://goo.gl/ZQCuZr
Ninja Attack! https://goo.gl/VMUjF1
PAKO 2 hhttps://goo.gl/AHR9wu
Piggy Pile! https://goo.gl/iTuUpM
Simon’s Cat Dash https://goo.gl/bRPW93
Stickman Disc Golf Battle https://goo.gl/XM7W1m
The X-Files: Deep State https://goo.gl/s7WKJN

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