2 New Maps, Game Modes, Weapon Skins, New Attachments, Release Dates | THE 2018 PUBG ROADMAP IS HERE

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The 2018 Roadmap for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is finally here! Today we go over all the new features coming to PUBG in 2018 inculding: 2 new maps, new vehicles, weapons, and weapon attachments, along with weapon & parachute skins, custom emotes, brand new game modes, and a lot more! Can’t wait to step onto that new island map next month! See you guys on the battlegrounds!

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  1. Great vid dude! Pretty sure that weapon is an IMBEL 7.62×51 IA2 which is very similar to the FAL like you said. Gonna be sick, but that 4×4 map is what I'm excited about. Nutty.

  2. I like Ur content a lot and u guys are really great. I can't watch ur live streams as I have exams going on but pls keep up the YouTube videos. And I regret telling u this but the discord server that u meantion is very very hostile to Indians. People just don't play with us and all they do is make fun of us 🙁

  3. My character has been invisible on pubg game menu for months and I have to invite my friends because they can't see me. They can see me on Steam but no one can see me in pubg itself

  4. Really sad to see them keep getting substantially more inaccurate with their firearms calibers, the fn fal or 7.62x51mm is .308 caliber why this extremely common caliber isn't in the game already is odd. The kar98k is 8mm and I understand why they didn't add that caliber but 7.62×39 is not the same as .308 or 8mm they could add a lot more if they just added .308 and changed the m24 to that caliber

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