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Here it is, 100 tips and tricks to become a better PUBG player – this is everything that I could think of. Anything from neat settings to weird roof jumps.
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  1. 0:27 | Max parachute depth – Hold “S” at any speed for ~2 seconds, then look down and hold “W”, this will make you reach the maximum depth regardless of speed.
    00:40 | Bridge camp spot – Video shows the spot. (Miirex)
    1:03 | Roof spot – Video shows the spot.
    1:22 | Sit in the same side – If you’re two players in a vehicle, sit in the same side. The driver will most likely prioritize himself and stop to have the car covering him.
    1:28 | Switch gun while driving/swimming – Dragging your weapon slots across each other, will determine which gun you hold when you leave a car / getting up from a swim.
    1:37 | Jump diving – You do not take fall damage by jumping from high altitude into water. Unless the server is under heavy load and causes a lot of desync.
    1:46 | Don’t get knocked in water – You’ll drown while being knocked, crawl out the water if possible before getting helped up.
    2:08 | Shoot tires for cover – If you’re in a bad situation, you can take out the tires of your vehicle to get more cover – and less of a chance of being hit while prone.
    2:19 | Disable character render – Increases FPS for most players.
    2:31 | Do not trust any vehicles – They will betray you.
    2:43 | Airdrop drop time – Flat ground lands slower than on a mountain, as the plane has the exact same height every time.
    2:59 | Crouch in shallow water – Crouch running while being in shallow water will make you move faster.
    3:14 | Small weapon top slot – Pulling a weapon out from your first weapon slot, drags it over the shoulder, secondary slot drags it by the waist. (Easier to spot if you're hiding in a bush.) Keep the smallest weapon in the top slot.
    3:22 | BHOP backwards – Bunny hopping allows you to move faster backwards, while still spotting for potential enemies. Simply spam jump while moving backwards.
    3:29 | Unflip car with nade – Sometimes it works, sometimes it blows. Proceed with caution.
    3:39 | Zeroing on thumb buttons – If you want to get good with zeroing, this is a very easy way to learn how to do it and get comfortable doing it.
    3:46 | Avoid flashbangs – If a flash is thrown at you, look away and you will only have to deal with the loud noise.
    3:55 | View distance – Does not affect player models, only environment like grass. Use very low. (Scrollax)
    4:07 | Drop backpack late game – Late game you won’t have any use for your backpack, get rid of it and become a stealthy ninja, you won’t need 200 beans and 27 first aid kits.
    4:22 | Bait with goodies – Placing bait/traps is a good way to throw an enemy player off of his/hers game, thinking the area has yet to be looted.
    4:33 | 3rd person camera – Breaking windows will allow you to third person with the camera and see more outside.
    4:45 | Mark before jump – Sometimes you get thrown out facing a wierd angle, set a mark to help you locate your landing zone.
    4:57 | Max parachute speed – 234 km/h is the max parachute speed
    5:04 | Tour de Bunkers – Take your vehicle through the bunkers, and loot with on the go.
    5:25 | Swim faster – It’s faster to swim below the water than above. (apopk4)
    5:32 | Jump on hills – It’s a little faster on steep hills, and more silent. Simply spam jump, will be fixed in 1.0.
    5:40 | Up and down in water – Pressing C while swimming will make your character dive instantly, pressing spacebar will spit you back up.
    5:49 | Map details – The Yellow squares indicates 1000 M. (1 KM) while the white squares indicates 100 M.
    5:59 | Leave game without penalty – Before you get in the plane you’re safe to leave the game, without any impact on your rating.
    6:03 | 2 ways 2 nade – Clicking right click will toggle which of the two ways you'll be throwing your grenade.
    6:09 | Loot on the go – Drag or press “F” on items while running over them
    6:15 | Use alt key in bushes – Holding ALT will only move your head when you sit in a bush, and not your entire body. This makes you harder to spot.
    6:26 | Roof jump – Video shows the spot.
    6:43 | Cook grenades – Grenades have a 5 second timer, count in your head to make the best timed throw. Flashbangs are quicker.
    6:53 | Jump out of boats – You can exit boats at full speed going in a straight line, doing it while turned will most likely get you killed.
    7:02 | Split loot stacks – There's two ways to do this: CTRL + Drag it out and CTRL + Right Click. You can mark the amount with your mouse or CTRL+A.
    7:18 | Full boost meter – The almost perfect amount for the heal/sprint meter is 1 Painkillers and 1 Energy drink. Starting with the Painkillers.
    7:34 | Peak left and right – 3PP – To change which shoulder you're peeking with, simply press Q or E while holding down Right Mouse Button.
    7:42 | Turn brake lights off – Jump out at very low speed to get the brake lights turned off.
    7:54 | Run while boosting – You can run before your healing is done, at 0.5 without cancelling the effect.
    8:00 | Heal and move – If you’re exposed while healing, move a little bit to reduce the odds of being hit. You can also spam crouch.
    8:06 | Control the bikes – With CTRL, SPACE, Q and E in the air.
    8:14 | Tour de apartments – Use your bike to travel to new luxurious locations. See video for example.
    8:27 | Buggy boost – You can reach top speed with the buggy without using boost.
    8:34 | Can’t shoot through water – But you can kill them with a grenade. (tombull89)
    8:41 | Punch tires – A tire can be punched out.
    8:50 | Buggy brake light spawns on
    8:55 | Mute game – If you don’t want to go deaf at the age of 5, use CTRL + M to mute the game while in the lobby and plane. This will be fixed in patch 1.0.
    9:04 | Smokes are client side – Meaning, the opponent will have a different smoke than the one you see, so one of you might have an advantage. This will be fixed in patch 1.0.
    9.16 | Click attachments – Right clicking your attachments will make it faster to equip/unequip them.
    9:28 | Queue the bandages – Using your bandages in a chain is a waste, pop the next after the 2nd tick of the previous.
    9:51 | Suppressor does not give compensation – See video for proof.
    10:02 | Jumping out of moving vehicles – Does no longer work, save the pain, don’t be like me.
    10:18 | Spawn island loot disappears – When the game begins, and regular loot is placed on the island.
    10:23 | 10 second revive – It takes 10 seconds to get a team member up and going again.
    10:37 | Footsteps ground floor versus upstairs – Different sounds, see video for example.
    10:50 | Shoes and barefeet – Different sounds, see video for example.
    11:02 | Crossbow scope – Indicators are 50, 100 and 200 meters.
    11:16 | Don’t run/drive in a straight line – If you’re in a open field, change your running path so snipers hopefully miss their shot on you. (Sasha)
    11:24 | Don’t shoot right away – Take your time, get the perfect shot. Try to predict what they might be doing next – what would you do?
    11:34 | Crouch jump – Easiest way to do it, is placing your finger in between spacebar + c, and click at the same time with 1 finger. Will be gone in patch 1.0.
    11:53 | AKM spray is garbage – Can we all just agree on this.
    12:02 | Red dot vs holo – In patch 1.0 you can turn up the brightness, but right now the red dot is hard to see against light backgrounds compared to the holographic sight.
    12:16 | Drunk bridge architect – Not a tip, scammed.
    12:20 | Jump on rooftops in Pochinki – Use it to jump around and keep Gotham safe.
    12:55 | Keep compensator – A compensator will almost always be better in the end in a 1v1. And will also be better to have on if you’re driving or running in an open area where another player is more likely to shoot first.
    13:11 | S12K Attachments – Can attach 8x, 15x and suppressor to this bad boy.
    13:18 | Dropping guns with no room – Will drop all the ammo on the ground too, if you have room, the ammo will go in your inventory.
    13:27 | See your snips – Holding left click after taking a sniper shot, will keep you scoped and able to see a far shot and adjust accordingly.
    13:43 | Level 3 helmet – Helmets are important late game, a low health level 3 helmet is still better than a full health level 2, as it can save you from a kar98 headshot late game.
    13:55 | Level 3 backpack – You will never have the use for the entire room of a level 3 backpack in Solo Queue, stick to a level 2, it makes it easier to hide in the terrain.
    14:16 | Tough fence – Drive faster than 60 km/h to take these bad boys down.
    14:35 | Punch out tires – I accidently put this twice, lul nub. Bonus tip at the bottom.
    14:40 | 1 Tire is not enough – Vehicles can still be driven with 1 tire shot, it’s a bit drifty – but it’s doable.
    14:51 | First person – 3PP – Use 1st person view in 3rd person, can help you spot those darn airdrops easier from bushes.
    14:59 | 3-Seater bike is a death trap – Statement.
    15:09 | Get on the outer wall – By jumping out the plane and parachuting right away, you can get on the wall surrounding the island – this is completely useless and the circle will kill you.
    15:22 | Bind auto run – Works while swimming too, but not driving.
    15:31 | Boat to spawn island – You can still go there by boat after the game begins.
    15:42 | Spawn island loot nerfed – They did this to bring more loot to Khameski.
    15:52 | Unreachable airdrops – If the circle reaches beyond the map, the airdrop can land on a big invisible wall and will be unobtainable.
    16:05 | Call your color – In squads, call your color instead of your name. It makes it a lot easier to coordinate with your team. (EXPAttack)
    16:19 | Voice chats – CTRL + T to mute, CTRL + Y to change channels. Saves you the time of going to the menu every time.
    16:26 | Bring loot for team – Early game, loot all attachments and hook your team members up in the end of your looting spree.
    16:43 | Unflip car with a car – Simply ram that sucker.
    16:55 | Catch the first drop – Drive to the center of the first circle ASAP, wait for the drop – go get it.
    17:22 | Players are greedy – Example in video.

  2. ur last 1 min of gameplay irritated me, pussies like that piss me off. u dont need to be a pussy to win games im rank 200 just by playing aggressive and having fun

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  4. Fugglet you should change screen scale to 100 instead of 120 bcuz all it does is downscale a higher resolution, very little impact on visuals and big impact on FPS

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